The Outstanding Customer Service Development Programme

The most comprehensive training you’ll find on how to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to create and maintain consistently Outstanding Customer Service - specifically targeted towards garden centres.

Why that’s important -

Never before has the success, longevity and profitability of a centre relied so heavily on its ability to provide, and be seen to provide, outstanding customer service and care. With social media platforms and customer review apps making our world almost shockingly transparent, the customer is really in the driving seat when it comes to making their buying decisions and connecting and identifying with a brand.

In this exciting and comprehensive programme, you’ll learn - what ‘Outstanding’ service really means in today’s world, the psychology of loyalty, how to identify and reduce your exposure to the 7 Deadly Sins of Service Provision and how to implement the Reliable CARE model to meet what your customers want and expect.

Through LIVE and interactive online training plus hands-on exercises and practical sessions, you will learn how to put incorporate ‘customer focus’ into everything you do, create a great atmosphere in your centre, develop a team approach to customer service, handle difficult customers, deal with special requests, deliver bad news and you’ll learn how to skilfully  ‘sell through service’ - saving sales, creating add-on sales, increasing footfall, upping your SPC (sales per customer) plus how to create loyalty and increased engagement through social media and apps.

You will leave the program with the knowledge and skills to effectively analyse your centre’s current level of customer service & care and all the tools you need to be able to create a sound, workable plan to move it forward into a position of ‘Outstanding’ and keep it there.

How it’s delivered and what you’ll get -

  • LIVE & interactive Monthly Masterclasses giving you all the tools you need to provide Outstanding Customer Care
  • The chance to engage, support & share ideas, successes & best practice with other Customer Service Professionals on the calls and in between calls in a Private Online Forum.
  • Monthly Assignments and areas of focus so you can implement the training, see the difference & get tangible results.
  • Monthly Catch-up & Coaching calls to keep you on track, share your successes and challenges, celebrate your progress and to answer all your Customer Service questions.
  • All Recordings of LIVE calls in a private portal so you can watch again and again.
  • Downloadable training notes for each LIVE session that will build into a great reference tool.
  • Printable workbooks with quizzes, things to try and reflection space to keep the training alive in between sessions.
  • Quizzes, Awards, Posters, Reminder Cards, and other fun things that make the training enjoyable, sticky and long-lasting!
  • 2 Bonus (optional) LIVE Masterclasses with Q & A on ‘Writing Customer Focused Emails’ & ‘Managing Customer Focused Teams’ - great for leaders, trainers and supervisors or staff showing leadership potential.

Just a few of the topics we’ll be covering together over the year will include: - 

  • What Outstanding Customer Service really means and why creating & maintaining in your centre is so important.
  • The Tangible Benefits and how to measure them.
  • The Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes needed for OCS.
  • Ownership & Attitude including Understanding the MMFI sticker and when to remove it, how to stay calm and centred and not take things personally.
  • The Reliable CARE Model & The Psychology of Customers, understanding their wants, needs & expectations.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Service Provision & How to Avoid Them
  • Creating a Customer Focused First Impression - in store, online and in person
  • Till & Floor Craft - including awareness, focus, empathy, connection, and service questions and selling through service tips.
  • Teamwork makes the Dream Work - working together to serve your customers better.
  • Confidence with Customers including personal and relationship building skills such as body language, voice, and choosing the best words.
  • Customer Interactions including greeting, withdrawing, asking great questions, listening and empathy skills.
  • Customer Focused Call Handling Skills - making the most of enquiries.
  • Moments of Truth - including Dealing with Difficult Customers, Complaints, Refunds, Special Requests, Delivering bad news etc.
  • Shrugging off the Negative - How not to take things personally and stay positive and professional when things get difficult.  
  • Escalations - Including your Customer Service Policy, Guidelines, and the Law. PR interventions.
  • Selling through Service - saving customers, increasing sales, cross selling and upselling, strategies for consistently increasing your SPC sales per customer.
  • Turning your Customers into Raving Fans - including looking at ideas for building loyalty & getting more customer referrals.

And much, much more!



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