Have you been meaning to take a look at learning and development in your business, but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you want to know if you're thinking along the right track? We've spoken to two HTA members - Lyonshall Nurseries and Knights Garden Centre, about how they tackle learning and development. You can read about and download their case studies below. 

Lyonshall Nurseries

> Lyonshall are members of the HTA Retail Business Improvement Schemes (RBIS), meeting with the Midlands RBIS group up to six times a year

> Meetings with other members and a specialist garden industry consultant, involve sharing experiences and helping each other solve business problems

Discussions regularly on the agenda include recent state of trade, new products and learning from eachother to make significant changes to improve business

> Lyonshall's owner Simon Thomas describes how being part of the group over the last 10 years has helped him build a solid turnover, along with the invaluable networking element providing a good sounding board for business development

Find out more about the Business Improvement Schemes here



Knights Garden Centre

> Knights believe strongly that investing in the learning & development of their staff leads to happier customers and a more profitable business in the long run, protecting their legacy

> They've recently adopted a new structure of line-management based around objectives and their departments  

> They regularly use a skills matrix to identify knowledge gaps across the business and plan for staff cover too (i.e. sickness, holiday etc.)

> They also have discussions with their staff about their preferred learning style 

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