Handy (& free) tools to create great graphics! 

The Noun Project


Free icons for literally everything! You can use the search bar to find an icon to add to a presentation or poster etc., and change the colour too. Then take a screenshot (Ctrl + Print Scrn) and save your icon. 


An example of some of the icons available when you search for 'garden'.  You can be a lot more specific too!



Free infographic templates! Ideal for displaying data, processes, lists, timelines, staff/customer notices etc. in an engaging way. Just create a free account using your email address and use the 'filter' tool to see all the free templates available. 

 An example of some of the free templates available for you to download and use. 



Create free graphics in literally any form! From social media graphics, to posters, to infographics - this really easy-to-use platform provides hundreds of templates, or you can create your own from scratch! There's also a stock image search function to give you royalty-free images to use. Just create a free login using your email address - it will save and remember all your creations too!

An example of just some of the graphics you can create in Canva.