Free stock images

Images are an essential part of an advert, to grab attention and create an emotional response.  But it can be hard to find suitable royalty-free images, expensive to pay for copywrited photos and difficult to take some that are of high quality yourself. 

We've put together a list of our favourite free image sites you can use to find the perfect photos for your website, posters or other marketing. There's no risk of being sued for using someone else's images without permission, as they're all royalty-free! There's no need to create any accounts and you can use the handy search bar and suggested search words to find just what you're looking for. 


An example image from Pixabay.







An example image from Unsplash.


An example image from Pexels.






An example image from Canva.

Canva is especially good for food photography - ideal for the garden centre cafe. You can also create a free account using your email address, and use the platform to design posters, email headers, social media posts etc.