Preparing for a presentation

'Glossophobia' - or fear of public speaking, is the most common phobia in the world, even beating fear of spiders or heights! It's estimated to affect around 75% of the population, but there are steps you can take to reduce presentation anxiety and build confidence in your presentation skills. 

Together with Principal Trainer, Coach and Speaker Ellen Watts of ElleRich Training Ltd., we've put together a short leaflet describing top tips you can try to make your presentation content and delivery the best it can be, whether it's an internal meeting with colleagues, a sales pitch or a conference speaker session. The document features:

> Techniques for reducing anxiety and building confidence long before, just before and during your presentation 

> 8 steps to designing, creating and delivering a great presentation 

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About Ellen & ElleRich Training Ltd. 

Ellen Watts is the owner and principal trainer for ElleRich Training Ltd a company she formed delivering customer care & sales training, plus all the communication & management development needed to support them.  Her training delivery style is fun, interactive & motivational as well as informative & behaviour changing. Her courses cover over 50 topics, including: 'Dealing with difficult customers', 'Training the trainer' and of course 'Presenting with confidence and credibility'

She’s designed & delivered various courses, workshops, team building events, training road-shows & academy style programmes to hundreds of organisations including: Marks & Spencer, British Gas, and Miele, as well as local SMEs such as garden centres, manufacturers, service providers & of course HTA.

You can find more information about training with Ellen and ElleRich on her website -

If you'd like to discuss training options or additional training topics for your business please contact HTA Learning and Development SpecialistAlex Jenkins via [email protected]