Ofcom say that Brits are now spending an average of 24 hours online per week. With consumers using the internet more than ever, it's never been more important to 'be' where your customers are. 

Below we list some easy first steps you can take and resources you can use to improve your business' online presence and reach more potential customers. 

How can I make sure consumers can find my business online?

An example Google My Business listing

Google My Business 

> Create a free profile for your business in Google, so that you appear when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps 

> You can share helpful information like opening hours, links to your website, photos of your products or special offers

> You can also gain valuable insight about how customers found you www.google.com/business/






How can I reach my target audience and new potential customers online?

An example Google Display advert

Google Adwords

> You can set up an account to serve adverts to a defined audience on as low a budget as required

> Adverts can be 'search' ads based on key words people search for, or 'display ads' served to your audience via Google's display network

> You can set audiences based on: demographics, location, interests

> You can also set up 're-marketing' to target people who've previously engaged with your business online