Social media planner

Why does social media matter?

> 95% consumers now expect a company to have a social media presence 

> 40% keen gardeners say that they use social networking sites 5 times a day or more

It's never been more important to 'be' where your customers are and planning a clear strategy to engage with them can be a useful way to start. Social media can be a minefield if you're new to it or can become overwhelming if you're trying to manage too many online profiles at once. The School of Marketing have put together a handy social media planner that you can download to help you on the road to building a successful online presence. 

Download the social media planner here

The planner looks at: 

Why social media matters

Secrets to success

The different social media channels 

Determining your goals and brand voice

Content ideas and how to think about planning

Plus more...

Social media and digital marketing workshops!

This Autumn, the HTA Academy will be offering Social Media and Digital Marketing workshops with Julie Hall from The School of Marketing! Click here to find out more




Sources: The School of Marketing; TGI survey, Kantar Media.