It can be hard to see the benefit in taking time out of the business for training, conferences, workshops etc; but there is much to gain for both the business and the individual. Such as:

Improved employee performance and engagement -  giving employees further skills ultimately means they can do their jobs better and transition into other roles if required. Employee confidence also improves as they are gaining a stronger grasp on the industry, the purpose of the business and the responsibilities of their own job. 

Wider business understanding - training and development can lead to knowledge-sharing across the business, forming a collaborative environment and making employees more driven to achieve the company's over-arching goals. 

Increased innovation - learning from expert speakers and trainers, and networking with like-minded people across the industry can encourage your staff and business to develop new ideas to take the business forward.

Improved employee satisfaction - by helping their career development, employees feel valued within a supportive workplace and so job satisfaction is likely to increase, reducing staff turnover (and the costs associated) as a result. Employees may be less likely to seek next-level opportunities elsewhere. 


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