Run by members for members  

> Our Board, Committees and Council are made up of owners/staff at member garden retailer, grower or manufacturer businesses; and they meet regularly throughout the year to direct HTA activities

> HTA staff are encouraged to set aside time to visit members as often as possible

> We regularly survey HTA members to get their views on what's important for HTA to focus on, as well as what we could do to improve our service to members 

Our surveys - we use member feedback to change what we do

We know time is precious, and we don't ask for it without thinking carefully first. All staff at HTA member businesses are encouraged to take part in our surveys, no matter their job role or business size we're always looking to improve the service we provide to all of our members and their staff. The surveys really are your opportunity to let us know what we're doing well, or what we else could do to help you. What's more, as thanks for your time once you complete our surveys there's often a chance to enter a prize draw to win some fantastic foodie prizes to share round the business! Take a look at a few of the things we've actioned as a result of feedback received in our member surveys, below:

What have we done as a result?

National Garden Gift Voucher (NGGV) statements are now printed in black font rather than grey, after feedback showed it was difficult to read and/or scan 

The NGGV wallets are now printed to fit both paper vouchers and the gift card format

We've expanded the range of Point of Sale and ran a Christmas competition to help drive seasonal footfall and social media promotion

We ran a sold-out conference on sustainability during 'peak' season and now produce the NGGV gift cards on recyclable eco-board due to the importance of green credentials to our members






The surveys we run are... 

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We ask 1/10th of contacts for members on our database for 30 seconds to give us a score out of ten and an optional comment. This is your opportunity to communicate easily with us, to let us know what we do well or what we could do to help your business. 

How's this survey used?

Our average score out of ten and themes in comments are circulated to HTA staff weekly; and we even have a dedicated notice board HTA staff can see as they come in to work showing the score and positive comments 

The average score is monitored over time and presented at Management and HTA Board meetings to drive positive changes


We call these our 'Member Voice' surveys and they go to the main contact at half of our member businesses each time, so every business should get two of these surveys a year. They cover the state of trade and often bigger business decisions we'd like members views on. This often involves formulating our stance to Government on key issues.


We run several surveys each year regarding our key services and events. These include the Gifting Consultation survey to compare satisfaction with the NGGV scheme and what we could implement to improve it; as well as the National Plant show Visitor and Exhibitor surveys to help us improve the show year on year. 


We hope this gives you an idea about how we use your feedback, and how it's part of getting all our staff to focus on you, our members.  If you want to know more about our surveys, visits, board or just want to make a suggestion you can email us: