APL Construction Codes of Practice

The Association of Professional Landscapers have published a series of Guidelines for the industry.

The Association of Professional Landscapers' aim is to make these as widely available as possible. They represent the minimum standards for which professionals should adopt.

Industry Codes of practice 

Industry code of practice for Artificial grass.

Industry code of practice for Decking, wood and composite.

Industry code of practice for Paving, natural and porcelain.


They can be downloaded by filling in the form below.

We would ask that you encourage others to download, rather than simply emailing them to others so that we can monitor the uptake.

“We also ask that you do not alter the content.”

The codes of practice are updated and should be consulted on a regular basis.

They are CDM 2015 compliant and may form an important part of your project documentation

The ambition of the APL is to de-mystify some of the British Standards, giving consistency and availability to the industry, by providing free information that can be shared with the client and ensuring that standards remain high.


To help with this, watch the BS7533 101 video below courtesy of Steintec. Its about an hour long, but has some super information.

What Lies Beneath The Surface

On the back of the amazing What Lies Beneath garden constructed at BBC GWL, The APL teamed up with Steintec to produce a useful video explaining what lies beneath and how all this relates to British Standards. 

It was filmed over 3 sessions and then edited to give you an amazing educational CPD video.

APL Construction Codes of Practice

This first set of Construction Codes of Practice focus on Paving, Decking & Artificial Grass.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved so far with the support and creation of these.

Contributors to Paving Guidance

Contributors to Decking Guidance

Contributors to Artificial Grass Guidance

Gareth Wilson Consultancy

Paul Greenyer Consultancy

T.A.S.K (Training Academy for Skills & Knowledge)

Without all this support, none of this would have been possible.

Now launched, there will be updates as deemed necessary and also there will be additional guidelines created.

I hope you find these useful.