FREE advice lines covering a wide range of critical business issues – from HR to Pest & Disease management – contact our EXPERTS for FREE advice (you will need to quote your HTA membership number. If you do not know your membership number, please contact us).

Business retail operations lines 

We have several advice lines to help with business operations. They cover areas such as catering, getting EPOS systems, security and design of retail areas.

Finance & legal lines

This set of advice lines can be used for areas such as company law, VAT advice, or advice on legal regulation such as those governing waste.

Horticultural lines

We have a set of advice lines that you can use for more technical advice on horticultural issues. These can be used for advice on things like pest & disease identification or issues in nursery production.

HR & employee lines

We've got a set of advice lines that you can use to make sure you're staying on the right side of employment law. You can call them for advice on areas such as pensions, employee rights, grievance and disciplinary issues and other employee topics.

Property & premises

These lines can be used to get advice on business ratings, planning issues, and sales and lettings of business premises.