The following advice lines cover general company law, VAT, and advice on waste regulations and compliance. 


Legal business advice
Law Express
0333 005 0166

Law Express

Law Express are one of the UK’s leading providers of telephone legal advice and our aim is to offer invaluable support to all HTA members. Our specialist in-house team of experienced legal advisers give practical advice on legal business issues such as:

  • Company Law - Directors’ rules and responsibilities and shareholders’ issues.
  • Commercial Law -Contract disputes, intellectual property, commercial debts and supplier issues.
  • Tax Information – Corporation tax and VAT.

Call us and our team will allocate you to an adviser who will return your call within the hour, or you can book a time that's convenient for you. If you request to speak to an adviser straight away, we will do our best to accommodate you.









Waste regulation
0333 005 0177

Waste regs

Calculating your packaging waste obligation can be quite a complicated task, especially for Garden Centres that have many 1000s of products. The regulations require your calculation to be “as accurate as reasonably possible” and so for companies that handle over 50 tonnes of packaging and have a turnover of over £2 million, it is important to get this right.

  • ecoVeritas provide the HTA Packaging, WEEE and Battery Helpline
  • guidance on how to remain compliant with the regulations

They have been calculating packaging, WEEE & battery obligations throughout Europe since the regulations came into force in the late 1990s, and are experts in the interpretation of the legislation.

ecoVeritas also produce the HTA Packaging Waste WorkBook for Garden Centres and Nurseries which many HTA members use to calculate their annual packaging obligation, and provide guidance on its use.