What is Planet Mark?

Planet Mark is an organisation dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of businesses around the UK and worldwide, and helping them to become more sustainable.  

Planet Mark has something to offer for all of our members.  We are working with Planet Mark to provide free starter workshops for HTA members to help member businesses build sustainability into their business plans. The workshops covers areas such as understanding the impacts of their own practices and how to get started with their sustainability journey. These workshops are part of a set of services, information and resources to help our members become more sustainable. These workshops will also provide attendees with a certificate which they can use as proof of continuing professional development (CPD) in business sustainability essentials training.

Free Planet Mark workshops

Earlier this year, we offered two workshops run by Planet Mark, which were very popular. We are now offering two more free workshops on September 22nd and November 24th. You can book your place here.

We will also share resources along the way which you can access through our sustainability resources page here.


Planet Mark certification

HTA members who wish to go to the next level with their sustainability for greater benefits for People, Planet and Profit, can work towards Planet Mark certification. Accreditation can deliver profitability benefits through reduced waste and more effective customer and employee engagement. The certification helps members fully assess their carbon footprint, the social value they provide to the community, and helps to future-proof the business. Planet Mark certification delivers:

  • A credible way of measuring and reducing your carbon footprint
  • A way to engage your staff in carbon reduction and sustainability
  • Access to talks and workshops to help you achieve your goals
  • Reputational benefits among customers and partners
  • A measurement and celebration of your corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • For an extra fee, Planet Mark can also help you with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) and they even produce the report for you. Priced from £1500 (subject to change) as part of the SECR Service provided. Click here to learn more about SECR.
  • A smarter, future-proofed business



Other benefits of joining

As an added bonus, for every year you are certified, you receive an acre of rainforest through Cool Earth, protected in your company name and you also receive 12 tickets each year to The Eden Project. You can buy chocolate made from the rainforest you help to protect, and these can make great employee or customer incentives or prizes

For our largest members, Planet Mark accreditation takes all the pain out of compliance with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), which is a legal requirement for certain larger businesses. To find out more about SECR click here.

Finally, for any HTA members who join or renew a certification with Planet Mark will receive a 5% discount on the cost of accreditation.


Get involved and find out more

You can visit Planet Mark website here to find out more information, and then fill out the form below to send your enquiry and receive your 5% discount on the cost of accreditation. 


Images and logo courtesy of Planet Mark