Topics of Discussions

Plant Health

A glimpse behind the scenes

14 February 2024

Emerging Threats & Current High Risks 

Pest risk horizon scanning

You will hear about potential high risk pests that pose a threat to plant health in the UK, including how we identify potential pests and upcoming threats, with some examples of current threats and some pests that are on the horizon that could be an issue in the future

Raising Awareness Among the Plant Loving Public

Consumer Behaviour

You will hear about Defra and partners’ work to engage the public to raise awareness and encourage positive behaviour change to support plant health. This session will describe ongoing research to understand how best to promote responsible plant buying to the public

What/why/how of inspection works and how it supports growers

Plant health & seed inspectors

Plant Passporting


Interception sampling and diagnostics

See for yourself how scientists at Fera work to protect and support your trade via a tour of the laboratories and engaging with scientists, including the key focus of:

  • Insect museum
  • Glasshouses
  • Laboratories 
  • MTU


Enigma - an R&D model

An R&D model established to support continued research, innovation and knowledge transfer through a joined-up approach with industry partners.