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Celebrating 125 years of UK Environmental Horticulture

2024 is a milestone year for the HTA as we celebrate 125 years of supporting UK Environmental Horticulture. 

1899 saw the founding of the 'Horticultural Trades Association of Great Britain and Ireland' in response to calls for the formation of a ‘league of seedsmen.’ This was because people in the industry were facing challenges, namely railway companies, rates, taxation, undercutting by seed companies, and foreign competition.  

Since then, the HTA has seen significant social and industry changes, but the objectives decided in that first meeting still hold strong to our core purpose today: 

  1. More united action in all matters affecting the trade
  2. Hold conferences as often as possible for the discussion of matters of mutual interest and dissemination of information
  3. Afford members greater opportunities for social interaction. 

2024 is not just about the HTA’s history but instead a celebration of our sector’s unwavering commitment to growth, adaptation, and nurturing the next generation of gardeners.