Fun facts & figures

  • Over two-thirds of British adults visit a garden centre every year
  • The combined area of the UK's domestic gardens is roughly the same as the whole of Somerset!
  • You can burn off 87 Mars bars a year by doing some light gardening for one hour per week (e.g. raking, weeding)!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q. How big is the UK garden market?

A. Ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK made an estimated £28.2billion contribution to national GDP in 2017. 

Around 674,200 jobs across the country are supported by ornamental horticulture and landscaping.

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Q. How much do consumers spend on their gardens?

A. UK households collectively spent around £7.5billion on garden goods and £2.4billion on the services of gardeners and landscapers in 2017. 

The economic impact of ornamental horticulture in the UK report, 2018. 

The average UK household spends around £150 on their garden each year. 

TGI survey, Kantar Media 

Q. What is the typical UK garden size?

A. The average UK garden is 14m(e.g. 14m x 14m)

For 25-44 year olds it is 12m2

For consumers aged 45+ it is 15m2

*average does not include window boxes/balconies

Ipsos Mori for HTA, 2018

Q. How many garden centres/retail nurseries are there in the UK?

A. There are an estimated 1,800 garden centres and retail nurseries, 

HTA, 2018

Q. How many 'gardeners' are there in the UK?

A. 75% of British adults have access to a private garden 

 YouGov for HTA (2021)

51% of British adults say they get a good deal of pleasure from their gardens

TGI survey, Kantar Media (2020)

42% of British adults say they tend to do gardening in their spare time

88% of British adults agree having access to a garden or public green spaces is important to them

YouGov for HTA (2020)

Q. How popular is 'grow your own'?

A. 35% of British adults say they use their garden or outdoor space (e.g. balcony/window box) to grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables. 

YouGov for HTA (2021)

Q. What benefits do consumers believe gardens and gardening offers?

A. 87% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces benefit their state of mind

84% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces benefit their physical health 

94% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces benefit the environment

94% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces make an area a pleasant place to live

93% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces help to support wildlife

YouGov for HTA (2020)

Q. What do consumers use their gardens for?

Feed/ watch or encourage the presence of wildlife 49%
Entertain family or friends (e.g. garden parties, barbecues etc.) 42%
A space for children to play 23%
Grow own food (e.g. fruits, herbs, vegetables etc.) 35%
Grow plants, trees or flowers 62%
To get exercise 15%
As a place to relax 70%
Space for pets 31%
YouGov for HTA (2021)

Q. How many schools take part in school gardening?

A. Over 1.5 million children in 90% of the UK's primary schools are involved in some form of school gardening

3/4 of UK primary schools offer school gardening as an extra-curricular activity; whilst for 34% it's in the curriculum

But, primary schools typically have just 33p to spend on gardening supplies per pupil

C3 Education for HTA (2018) 

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