The Environmental Horticulture Manifesto

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has officially released its Environmental Horticulture Manifesto, outlining ten key priorities for a future UK Government. The manifesto underscores the significance of green spaces, plant health, and sustainable practices, aiming to position the UK as a global leader in environmental horticulture.

The Environmental Horticulture Manifesto Ten priorities for a Future UK government from the Horticultural Trades Association

The HTA’s ten policy asks are under the themes:

Maximise the Value of Green Spaces

Urban Greening Programme

International Trade Cooperation

World-Class Plant Health Regime

Transition to Peat-Free Horticulture

Green Jobs and Skills Recognition

Water Sector Strategy

Regulatory Proportionality

UK Public Procurement Rules

Global Leadership Through R&D Support


The HTA Environmental Horticulture Manifesto

Click below to download the Manifesto.