Our targets

We've set our targets for 2025 so as to drive actions that will set us on the pathway to bigger goals by 2040. Both the NFU and British Retail Consortium have set net zero ambitions for CO2 emissions 2040. We support these ambitions, and our roadmap is  designed as a first step for HTA members to move towards this at least as quickly. The roadmap also sets goals for other areas particularly relevant to horticulture and landscaping.

We set our goals through a combination of consultations with members, liaison with other organisations, and a review of  government policies and ambitions for the UK.  Over summer and autumn 2020 members were consulted  via surveys about targets for the roadmap,  and we have developed the objectives in consultation with other trade bodies in horticulture such as GIMA so as to provide the best possible impact and alignment. Not everyone will agree with the targets or think they're set at the right level; for some they'll appear too easy, for some too demanding. We'd never claim they're perfect,  and we'll continue to review them to make sure they are relevant and ambitious. However they do provide a very meaningful call to action, reflecting the huge opportunity we have to further benefit our people, planet and profit by 2025. We'll aim to help members achieve at least the following by 2025, and where feasible even more:

CO2 reduction

  • A 20% net reduction in scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions in aggregate across HTA membership

Water resilience and efficiency

  • An aggregate 40% increase in the proportion of water that comes from non-mains and re-used water sources such as rainwater or runoff capture among growers and retailers
  • An aggregate 25% increase the proportion of HTA members using water efficiency measures such as reservoirs and automated irrigation systems

Circularity in horticultural plastics

  • 40% or more of the combined weight of plant pots & packaging, garden chemicals containers, and growing media bags will be sourced from recycled plastic
  • Industry-led recycling schemes that together capture at least 10% of the weight of this packaging for recycling or reuse by 2025

Growing media

  • Accelerated peat reduction in growing media delivered through collaboration with government on peat alternatives
  • UK growing media suppliers accounting for 95% of the volume of retail product showing the responsible sourcing scheme ratings and carbon footprint information for their products

Pest and disease management

  • Growers accounting for 75% of production value in HTA membership measuring and managing their chemical use as part of a standard like OHAS