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HTA responds to the result of the 2024 General Election

5 July 2024

Commenting on the incoming new Labour Government and Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, Fran Barnes, Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) Chief Executive, said:

"We welcome Sir Keir Starmer as incoming Prime Minister and look forward to working with him and the new government for a future where environmental horticulture in the UK can truly grow and flourish. The HTA, on behalf of environmental horticulture businesses, urges the Prime Minister and the new government to seize the opportunities that our sector can deliver for the UK. Today could and should be a turning point for a greener and growing future and to reset and give recognition to our fantastic industry. At a time when green spaces are under pressure, when net zero is a real ambition and when climate change is already with us, it is time for a new government to deliver a strategy for environmental horticulture. 

“The Horticultural Trades Association represents the entire supply chain for the UK’s environmental horticulture and gardening industry. We are a sector ideally placed to deliver on the challenges of any government – from green growth to net-zero, health and wellbeing to innovation – very few industries can provide the solutions for so much. Moreover, we support the employment of nearly 700,000 people in the UK, generate £6.8bn in tax revenue for the Treasury and deliver untold value to the UK’s 30 million gardeners. We hope the importance of environmental horticulture will not be underestimated in its ability to deliver the UK's economic and environmental ambitions. 

“Our sector delivers so much for the country, and we have the potential for significant growth, which would lead to a stronger economy, diverse flora production to mitigate climate change, flooding and air pollution, greening urban areas, an increase in mental and physical health benefits, and provide an exciting industry to start an apprenticeship. However, we need key stakeholders to recognise environmental horticulture’s value as both a policy solution and priority, to take up the encouraging recommendations of the House of Lords Horticulture Committee Inquiry, to be more proportionate to SMEs with regulation, and to act quickly to solve the concerns of border trade, allowing our tree and plant growers to import vital plant products without existing uncertainties and burdens. Once again, we congratulate Sir Keir Starmer and look forward to a constructive future relationship with the sector.”


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