HTA statement on Scottish Government’s analysis on the peat consultation

Stan Green, Chairman of the HTA Scotland Policy Development Group and owner of Growforth, a nursery and retail business in Dunfermline, responded to the Scottish Government’s latest publication on peat use in horticulture:

“The HTA and wider industry have been taking action to transition away from peat use, with peat contained in bagged growing media now at a record low (16.8%). For professional tree and plant growers changing the way they propagate the thousands of species grown is not a simple endeavour. Horticulture businesses have been working on this issue, however the alternatives to peat, at the quality and quantity required, are not currently available at the volume needed.

“We welcome the Scottish Government’s engagement on this crucial issue and need their support to overcome the barriers to growing healthy commercial flora in peat-free materials. Unlike the amateur market, this is more complex and will take time.”

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