The HTA responds to Safeguarding the Union command paper and calls for swift action on horticultural trade barriers

31 January, 2024


Jennifer Pheasey, Director of Public Affairs at the Horticultural Trades Association, responds to the Safeguarding the Union: Command Paper, which builds on the Windsor Framework:

“The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) welcomes the announcement of the rapid establishment of a Horticulture Working Group on Great Britain-Northern Ireland trade. Such a forum has been a key ask of the HTA since the Windsor Agreement was published. The HTA and its members are already part of a new Mail Order Plants working group. We are keen to ensure any additional new group covers the urgent unlocking of the wider trade barriers and prohibitions faced by the horticultural trade. As the Command Paper recognises, the trade in trees, plants, seed potatoes, seeds and other plant products is important, and it is critical that the government works closely with industry experts to ensure the ambitious words become a reality.

“Key issues, such as expanding the list of tree species that can move across the border and direct to consumer trade, including for seed potatoes, remain top concerns for UK horticulture. We look forward to understanding more about expected timeframes for changes, including what requires EU ratification, what this means for high-risk plants and plant products, and how swiftly we can find and implement solutions and see the opportunity for trade to resume meaningfully. We remain disappointed that trade has been lost, and much uncertainty remains. We welcome the engagement we have had with government and policy-makers over recent months and, as a sector, remain optimistic and committed to working constructively to maximise the opportunity for UK horticulture.”

You can read the paper here:


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