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The Environmental Horticulture Manifesto

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has officially released its Environmental Horticulture Manifesto, outlining ten key priorities for a future UK Government. The manifesto underscores the significance of green spaces, plant health, and sustainable practices, aiming to position the UK as a global leader in environmental horticulture.

The Horticultural Trades Association represents the entire supply chain for the UK’s environmental horticulture and gardening industry. We are vital to achieving Defra’s flagship ambitions in the Environmental Improvement Plan. Moreover, we support the employment of nearly 680,000 people in the UK and generate £6.3bn in tax revenue to the Treasury. We have the potential for significant growth in our sector which would lead to a stronger economy, diverse flora production to mitigate climate change, flooding and air pollution, greening urban areas, an increase in mental and physical health benefits and provide an exciting industry to start an apprenticeship or green career in. However, we need key-stakeholders to recognise environmental horticulture’s value as both a policy solution and priority, to take up the encouraging recommendations of the House of Lords Horticulture Committee Inquiry, to be more proportionate to SMEs with regulation and to act quickly to solve the concerns of border trade, allowing our tree and plant growers to import vital plant products without existing uncertainties and burdens

HTA: the voice of the industry

Whether it’s working to ensure garden centres could remain open during lockdown, campaigning to bring about improvements to the system for import and export trade, or partnering with other organisations to establish the Growing Media Taskforce to ensure a smooth and fair transition away from peat, we support and nurture our industry to ensure a robust and sustainable future.

Making a difference

We engage with Governments across the UK - through advocacy and campaigning - to represent the industry and ensure that our members can prosper and grow. 

Here you can find information on our past and current campaigns, stay up to date with legislation that will affect the industry and read the HTA's consultation responses.      

Issues that matter

The UK is a nation of gardeners. Since March 2020, 3 million people have taken up gardening – nearly half of whom are under 45 – taking the total of regular gardeners to 30 million. The mental and physical benefits of being in nature-based spaces are well-established.

Supporting this growing nation of gardeners is an industry that drives local and national growth across the UK.

UK Horticulture by figures

Employs 674,200 people

Contributes £28.8 billion in GDP

Generates £6.3 billion in tax revenue

Supports the delivery of 7 out of the 10 goals in the Environmental Improvement Plan

HTA member horticultural or landscaping businesses have a presence in 567 UK constituencies


Contents included:

  • HTAs involvement with Peat policy 
  • HTAs key asks of UK and Scottish Governments
  • Related documentation 
  • News and information 
  • Industry statistics