Advice on valuing garden centres

This note covers three key areas that garden centre owners should take into account when valuing their garden centre business, namely the land and buildings, trade fixtures and fittings and the market perception of the trading potential excluding personal goodwill.

Document 1 March 2016

VAT and your business

This Information Sheet provides advice, hints and information on some key areas of VAT which may impact on your business, as well as some topical VAT issues. Because of the complexities associated with VAT and VAT accounting this Information Sheet is a simple guide only.

Document 1 March 2016

Consumer advice on control methods for slugs

Slugs are one of the most persistent and widespread garden pests and can cause devastation on plants, demoralising even the most experienced gardener in the process. Luckily there are a wide range of methods for controlling them including cultural, chemical and organic ones. This guide offers advice on safe approaches to controlling this loathsome pest.

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