What is Business Improvement Scheme (BIS)?

Developed in the 1980’s, HTAs Business Improvement Schemes have helped many members to grow and improve their businesses over the years.

Group members work closely with each other and with a specialist Garden Industry consultant to share experiences which helps solve problems; identify potential product winners and losers and often ask for advice on how to make significant changes to their business.  A regular and popular feature of every meeting is a round table review of recent trade including a discussion on what is selling well and what is not. As part of this discussion they will, confidentially, share data about their business.

Who can be a part of BIS?

Any HTA member can join a Business Improvement Scheme, however; this can depend on your business type.

Retail Business Improvement Scheme is aimed at retailers with a turnover of less than £2m - and many members turn over less than this – but there are no restrictions on size or scale of your business. 

The HTA Retail Development Forum (RDF) is aimed at garden retailers with higher turnover. Typically, these are businesses with a turnover of £2m, or approaching that figure.

Nursery Business Improvement Scheme (NBIS) is a national scheme that any HTA grower member can join. 


If you are not a HTA member but are interested in in joining one of these schemes, please click on the join button at the top of the page.

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