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The Value Of Plants

The Value of Plants Research Report offers a comprehensive view of the evidence for just how much economic, environmental, and social value plants provide to the UK. The report also contains the findings of research into the price-demand elasticity of plants, and the ‘value added’ features that consumers hold the greatest preference for

Delivering the UK’s Environmental Improvement Plan through the Value of Plants, sets out the vital role which plants play in delivering the UK Government’s aims of the Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 (EIP) and outlines how policy makers can support the sector to ensure that the true value of plants can be realised.

The Value of Plants Documents

From Nursery to Nature: The Value Of Plants Report

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Delivering The UK’S Environmental Improvement Plan Through The Value Of Plants

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The Value of Plants Merchandising Guide highlights the plant features and attributes that most appeal to the core gardening customers by HTA’s Garden Consumer Segmentation model – the Gardening Elders, Garden Prouds and Family Focus. Members can use the guide to identify their customer base and identify which plant features should be promoted through in-store or online merchandising to drive up value.

The Value of Plants Merchandising Guide for Evidencing Environmental Claims builds on the finding that plants with environmentally-friendly attributes drive up perceived value for consumers, and provides a bank of sources members can use to make and support environmental claims about plants. The guide also reiterates the importance of evidencing any environmental claims to not fall foul of consumer protection law. 

The Value of Plants Merchandising Documents

The Value of Plants Merchandising Guide 2024

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The Value of Plants Merchandising Guide 2024: Evidencing Environmental Claims

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