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HTA solar panels save over 9 tonnes of carbon emissions in the first year

10 July 2024 

During Net Zero Week, the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) reflects on the clean energy generated and the total carbon saved during the first year since its solar panel installation. 

Since the solar panels were turned on at the HTA, over 45,000 kWh of clean energy has been generated, saving 9.36 tonnes of CO2e – this is the same as powering more than 16 average UK homes for a whole year! (Source: Ofgem)  

The HTA has only consumed just over 39,500 kWh, meaning any excess energy has been exported to the national grid for continued use of clean energy. For the past year, 23% of the total energy consumed at the HTA office has been generated through clean energy sources.   

David Denny, Director of Research and Insights said:  

The reduced emissions and savings from our solar panels are a testament to the work of our Green Team, who led the work from initial business case to delivery. We see this as very much a first step on our sustainability journey though, with  many more exciting employee and member inspired initiatives still to come that we are incredibly excited about.”  

Net Zero Week is the UK’s official national awareness week to bring together all stakeholders needed to reach net zero by 2050, and to ensure Britain’s energy is both secure and affordable. The importance of UK environmental horticulture in the pursuit of a net zero future has been recognised and actively supported by the House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee Inquiry and the HTA welcomed its wide-ranging report.  
At the beginning of the year, the HTA also published The Environmental Horticulture Manifesto which urged the future government to review regulations to ensure proportionality, allowing UK businesses to transition to net zero and deliver on growth targets, whilst being competitive and viable. 

Many HTA members have taken great strides in sustainability, such as reducing their carbon footprints, eliminating the use of mains water where possible, exploring their options for electric vehicles, and building meaningful change into their business plans.  
For example, The Gardens Group have installed solar panels, air source heat pumps and biomass generators to reduce the use of energy from the grid, while harvesting rainwater to reduce reliance on mains water. 
HTA members of all sizes are encouraged to take the Sustainability Pledge to show their support for the HTA Sustainability Roadmap. You can read more about Sustainability Reference Sites and various actions our members are taking on the road to net zero on the HTA website. 


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